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WEBCASTING presents transfer and archiving of digital video-sequences by internet:

  • wherever and whenever
  • using simple technical equipment
  • without special operator need

WEBCASTING solutions brings other advantages as well:

  • Controlled WEBCASTING - client can control and create contents and form of video-sequences
  • Index - index of items on the agenda and issue list is created automatically – allows quick and intuitive navigation
  • Other information addition – e.g. issue details (curriculum vitae, contact ..), item on agenda details (presentation, submit materials, reports...)
  • Archive - those interested can watch the real time broadcasting as well as running video-sequences from archive
  • Feedback - public involvement by room for questions, inquiries, questionnaires etc.
  • Technical support – technical providing of broadcasting and archiving, on-line call support with service technician

WEBCASTING solutions were developed by British company Public-i, that develops products according to local authorities requirements, interested in improvement of communication with public. Solutions come with contributions as follows:

1. for public:

  • better knowledge of authority work
  • positive observation improvement of authority work
  • involvement in public affairs

2. for deputies:

  • objective medium for transferring information
  • objective presentation in front of electors
  • deputies presentation using additional information
  • discussion effectiveness improvement

3. for authority:

  • general public knowledgeableness
  • increased citizen knowledgeableness without increased requirements for employees
  • quick launch of technology and immediate gain from it
  • low authority technical equipment requirements

We offer 4 types of webcasting systems:

Public-i F500 - fixed system installation (camera and operating unit) at location from where the broadcasting will be performed.

Public-i M500 - combination of mobile (operating unit) and static components (web cameras). System allows more flexibility and to make a recording from different locations.

Public-i D500 - mobile system that allows to do broadcasting whenever and from any location. All components are put to useful portable containers.

Public-i R500 - portable system of high flexibility level is appointed for small events.

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